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Created from Nature, Designed for Living.

How the Process works.

Understanding our customers and creating a safe environment, is important to us and our brand.  Having a simple process with our curbside pickup and delivery service keeps with.

  • Not delivering to any federal buildings or locations

  • Delivering within the Washington DC city limits

  • Initiative 71 Complaint

Once you contact us.

The process works for new customers and current customers

  1. To have access to our designs and have them delivered to you, you must be located in the Washington DC area

  2. Choose your design and text us to discuss which design is subtle for your creative needs(Minimum purchase of $100 for delivery)

  3. Text your crew member at 301-893-4143 with your options, location, your order.  for security and age verification please attach your drivers license, state ID or Government Issued Id registering that you are over 21.

  4. Your crew member will contact you with update time of arrival and an

Please place your order 2 hours in advance to insure proper delivery times.

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